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The India 1 Alliance is a collaboration of resources - an ever-growing group of organisations and volunteers coming together to synergise strengths, enhance effectiveness and deliver more and quick value to patients, without duplicating efforts and stressing the fragile infrastructure.


"An alliance aimed at capturing the individual and collective humane intent of all volunteers to deliver the most efficient help to all patients, covering the entire spectrum of pandemic-related requirements."

The partnering organizations continue to retain their identity. However, they are committed to devoting effort within the framework of the alliance where they operate with their strengths and draw on the expertise of other organizations within the alliance for any additional requirements and assistance. It gives them a chance to deliver even more value.

Objective: To help save maximum lives and serve the Nation.

How it works: Any patient/attendant/volunteer requiring help will connect with the India One Alliance Website or call the India1 Alliance helpline. A smooth backend will enable them to connect with some person related to their requirement. We have encapsulated probable requirements under the term Domains and there are 22 domains identified at the moment. They will additionally have the opportunity to use the updated database which the website will reflect at all times. The India 1 Alliance team will endeavor to provide the fastest possible assistance and will handhold the patient/attendant till the Service/Seva is closed.



India 1 Alliance has been able to able to deliver value to those in need thanks to the coming together of some wonderful groups. These partners have altogether been able to deliver faster service/sewa to those in need. We wish to thank them for their selfless service to the Nation. 

And we invite others to come and join us.

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